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Kurosaki Isshin, the Shinigami Captain
raptorix here to welcome you to the quiet little community that celebrates Isshin! The amazing cracky daddy and secret Shinigami~!

1. Be courteous to others and their ideas and opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own.
2. No Flaming, especially about pairings.
3. Images larger than 300x300 pixes MUST be put under an lj-cut!
4. Fanfics must be posted under a cut. Optionally, you may link to the original lj post it was posted to.
5. Fanart may be posted, but likewise must be posted under a cut.
6. Please give fair warning for Not Safe For Work (NSFW) images, fanart, or fanfics!
7. Icons are welcome! If you have more than three, you may post up to three Isshin-related previews, and any more than three icons must be placed under a cut.

Fan-work Formatting!
If you're going to post a fanfic or fanart, please follow this format guide (you may copy and paste it into your post). These make it easier for people browsing the comm to figure out what your fanfic is about so they don't have to read a rambling paragraph.


Affiliations/related comms:
Here's a list of other Bleach-related communities~!

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Like to affiliate? Feel free to leave me a comment here