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Isshingami - The Shinigami Daddy's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Isshingami - The Shinigami Daddy's LiveJournal:

Sunday, August 17th, 2008
2:49 am
Title: Cold Penny Lane
Pairing: Ichimaru x Masaki, Isshin x Masaki
Characters: Gin, Masaki, Isshin
Rating: NC-15
Warnings: rape
Words: 1005
Wednesday, August 13th, 2008
11:18 pm
Author: me
Title: No welcome back
Rating: G to PG
Pairing: Ulquiorra/Uryuu, mentioned Aizen/Ulquiorra (not intended, but you could see an implied Isshin/Ryuuken)
Characters Ryuuken, Isshin, Uryuu, Ulquiorra
Note: The fic is broken down into three parts: Isshin+Ryuuken - UlquUryuu - Ryuuken+Uryuu
Summary: When Ichigo came back from HM, Uryuu didn't.

Fake-cut to my lj
Friday, May 2nd, 2008
11:51 am
The Comm Affiliation Post~
Want to spread the love? Have your own Bleach community? Would you like to have your comm's name appear on the isshingami profile page? Feel free to leave a comment here~
11:23 am
20 Facts about Isshin
Yay! First fanfic posted ever!~ (Why didn't I do this sooner?)

Title: Bipolar Doctor By Day, Cocky Ex-Shinigami Captain By Night! Twenty Things About Kurosaki Isshin You Never Knew
Author: raptorix
Character: Kurosaki Isshin
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: I do not own Bleach. The Wonderful Kubo Tite is the blessed creator of Bleach and all the wonderful characters it includes. I'm just borrowing his characters for my own creative means, and trying to fill in some gaps about a particular character's background that Kubo hasn't officially given us. Please take note that this is just one fan's interpretation of how Isshin's past might be like, don't take it as canon!

[ Fake Cuuuuut~~~~ ]
Tuesday, February 26th, 2008
8:41 am
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